Trainings en advice requests ‘Together We Will Stand’ kick off in the Netherlands, team prepared for Dutch Caribbean!

Stichting Ocan recently announced in the Dutch Caribbean that the Support Function launched in the Netherlands to a string of well-attended regional meetings. Constulation sessions on Bonaire, Saba and Statia are being planned for the period of September 27th thru October 5th 2019.  More information will be given about the Support Function as carried out by Stichting Ocan during these consulatation sessions. Additionally, it will be made possible to submit a request for support directly after the consulation session.  Through this webpage we will give an impression of trainings conducted for a number of Dutch groups that have already submitted their application for support and have went on to start the process of  their project plans.  We hope to get you warmed up through these examples of organizations and persons making use of the Support Function.

Training “From a project idea to a project structure” Rotterdam April 19th 2019

Support Function project advisors Shari van den Hout and Yvette Cijntje conducted the training ‘‘From a project idea to a project structure” in Rotterdam on April 19th 2019. 7 participants from 5 organizations participated in this training.  We are especially glad to have had the participation of the Eritrean community in this training. As a community and target group of the UN International Decade for People of African Descent, Eritreans were, up until this point not in the picture at all as a participating group of the Decade in the Netherlands.  We are pleased to report that one organization has already completed their project plan. This group was also very pleased with the content of the workshop. 

 Training organisaties Eritrea   Rotterdam ondersteuningsfunctie decade Ocan Caribisch

Training “From a project idea to a project structure” Groningen April 26th 2019

Support Function project advisor and project manager Shari van den Hout and Cynthia Ortega-Martijn conducted the training “From a project idea to a project structure” in Groningen on April 26th 2019. The group which consisted of 10 participants from 9 organizations from the north were very pleased during and after the workshop. They have indicated to be able to continue onwards with their project plan as well. The Support Function team has noticed that participants really appreciate being assisted  with the  drafting of their project plans in this way as well.

Training projectopzet Groningen 26 april Groningen Ocan decade Caribisch

Combination training Nuestra Casa Foundation Rotterdam June 13th 2019

Support Function project advisor Yvette Cijntje conducted  a training on June 13th 2019 in Rotterdam for 6 persons from the Nuestra Casa Foundation. This foundation advocates for the rights of the Dominican Republic diaspora in the Netherlands. The training was a combination of practical project support and basic skills needed for drafting a project plan.  The participants were enthusiastic and indicated that they received much useful information for which they could start working on their project plan. Again we were elated to reach and support a  UN International Decade for People of African Descent target group that was not always as visible with their project ideas and plans!

Training Nuestra Casa 14 juni 2019 te Rotterdam edit resize Dominicaanse Republiek Ocan Caribisch