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Statia, Caribbean Netherlands

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To create a prosperous society by means of a well-balanced development with people who have the island’s interests at heart and who can and will provide a long lasting contribution.

Sint Eustatius (Statia) needs persons who possess the qualities that will contribute to help build the island and see to it that Statia can look forward to a prosperous, long-lasting future. Persons like yourself who have a bond with the island, know the language and culture and especially have to desire to live and work on the island for an extended  period of time. Have you lived on Statia or any of the other islands in the Kingdom previously? Than you have the advantage of being familiar with the culture and the language which enables you to hit the ground running.  Has Statia stolen you heart (again) during a vacation and you now want to work, do an internship of write a thesis?

Are you a student originally from one of the islands of the Dutch Kingdom who wishes to return to Statia after having completed your studies and are now looking for employment opportunities with an interesting employer?  Dutch Caribbean persons are emphatically encouraged to apply.

One thing is certain! You wish to relocate to Statia, not for one or two year, rather to emigrate and work, in order to build a new life for yourself.

It is our objective to make guide you in an emigration track and to provide you with information about working and living on Statia. You will find new vacancies from Statia here on the website. Interested? Apply directly because there is demand. You can also upload your CV tot the website’s database.  We would gladly have the local professional return. So, start securing an internship on the island during your studies. Potential employers become familiar with you and see what you are capable of during this stage. Naturally, you will find an abundance of information about Statia under KNOWLEDGE BANK.  You may also inquire with Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland about the developments on Station or with the Belastingsdienst. 

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